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But with you we can do greater

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Donate Money

Your  financial donation  helps  Blessings  of  Africa  to  make  a  differenc e  for  Families  in  Need  in  your  community  and  around  the  world.

Kindly use the following account details to make your donation:

Account Information

In Nigeria

Account Name: Blessings of Africa Empowermet Fouindation

Accout Numbers

Naira Account: 4760110013

Dormiciliary Account: 4760110020

Bank: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

Donate Goods

You can dignify the needy with your resources, talents, time, and surplus by giving and donating your good reusable, resalable goods to us, we will ship these items or resell the goods. The money is used to bless, dignify, uplift the needy families and children with quality of life such as providing centers, food, clothing, shelter, education financial assistant, as well as the  ability for school children to get to school and back home again in a safe way.

To donate goods, please contact us at or complete the form below:

Donate Goods

Resolution 381

Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation (BOA Empowerment Foundation) have become a part of the Georgia State resolution 381.

Supporting people in need, Connecting people, resources, and ideas for Africa development

  • Promotion of a good relationship for mutual interest and strengthen mutually beneficial ties with nations of Africa and persons of African Descent in Georgia and USA
  • Leveraging the imbalances in Africa’s growing economy via African development, international partnerships, and direct foreign investment in Africa
  • Promotion of a good relationship with historically black colleges
  • Promotion of good relationship with Africa Consulate Generals in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Promotion of the education and enrichment of African business and professional leaders
  • Training of different professionals and other health care professionals; business leaders modern technology in diverse areas: Agriculture, health care, technology, and facilities in Africa Georgia, USA
  • Facilitation of capacity development to train and enrich African legislators and members of parliament about the policy making process in Africa and America
  • Facilitation of capacity development to train and enrich African skill discovery, development, and deployment as well as women empowerment and youth enrichment.