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Empower A Woman, Empower The World

Focusing on the development and empowerment of women/girls and youths, especially the most vulnerable, needy ones, benefits everyone, not just themselves, but the family, community, and our world. This is because when you empower the youths and leave no one behind, you improve and elevate their self-confidence and outlook towards education and economic empowerment. Young women are the mothers of tomorrow and youths are the leaders of tomorrow.

Invest on Our Youths

Investing in education of our youths and women empowers young women and youths with powerful voices necessary for sustainable development in all spheres of life.

An empowered youth is a motivated youth, An empowered woman is a motivated, powerful woman who fights for her family and community.

Our Programs

Enrich Africa Empowerment

    • Community Development
    • Connect Diaspora to Adopt/Enrich/Visit Africa
    • Connect Africans to USA and other Countries for Exchange & Enrichment
    • Distribute African-Made goods abroad
    • Poverty Intervention
    • Human Trafficking Prevention

Community Empowerment (Empowering Lives)

    • Economic/Skill Empowerment
    • Women Empowerment
    • Youth Empowerment
    • Preventive Wellness
    • Authentic Self-Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment (Young men and women) is paramount to supporting the New Generations of Leaders Youths must be empowered to be the Leaders of Today; The Future is Now!

We must change the attitude of seeing our youths as just leaders of tomorrow because tomorrow, tomorrow; tomorrow never comes. The Youth will Empower Today, will and experienced leader tommorow, ready, willing, and able to lead well. Youth of today have what it takes to lead today when empowered to do so today.   without the youths’ empowerment today, there will be no us.

We must support the youth agenda!

Current Projects

BOA Empowerment is currently working to establish Community Economic Empowerment Center to provide support for Women In need (WIN), Families in Distress (FID), Single Mothers and Children In Distress (SMACID): Displaced by abuse, abandonment, trafficking, and economic disadvantage  as well as to establish women and youth economic empowerment centers/programs, etc. in Nigeria across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

The Purpose

The purpose of the establishment of Self-Economic Empowerment (SEE) Life Skills empowerment for poverty and human trafficking prevention and intervention, using skill development and enrichment to achieve greater wellness, and inspiring them to reach their dreams, fulfill their destinies, and become “the Blessing” that we are created to be via the side listed media:

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Capacity Development

Providing at-risk families and poverty-stricken families with capacity development/life skill training/educational advancement, financial and investment literacy and certifications to allow vulnerable families and children to stay off the streets and begging for sustenance, stay safe, work and have something to do to provide opportunities for themselves.


Provide Apprenticeship and Intern programs, Financial counseling, agricultural and microenterprise programs

Grassroots Enrichment Exchange

(A Mentorship/Sponsorship program for exceptional, low income individuals in Africa): Establish partnerships with USA companies, universities and private training organizations. Students will pay a fee to enroll in the program; scholarships are awarded to those qualified but cannot afford to enroll. Upon graduation, students will work for the Empowerment Foundation for 6 months. Revenue for Foundation is generated by contracting with USA distributing companies.


In addition, BOA desires to build technical schools, hospitals, and low-cost housing for the needy families. BOA will be replicated across other African Countries.  The purpose of the program is poverty eradication and human trafficking prevention. The target: Women & Youth Economic & Technical Education Empowerment as well as Poor/Rural Community revitalization

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Make a Positive Impact for a better world

Blessings of Africa is a charity supporting the disadvantaged African people in need.

Be a real blessing, partner with us!

Enrich Africa

  • Sponsor a Child/Family
  • Adopt a Foundation
  • Adopt a Community in Africa
    • Donate money/resources
    • Donate your time

Partner With Us, Dignify the Needy with your Surplus

There are many ways that you can partner with us. You can dignify the needy with your resources, talents, time, and surplus by giving and donating your good reusable, resalable goods to us, we will ship these items or resell the goods. The money is used to bless, dignify, uplift the needy families and children with quality of life such as providing centers, food, clothing, shelter, education financial assistant, as well as the  ability for school children to get to school and back home again in a safe way.

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Resolution 381

Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation (BOA Empowerment Foundation) have become a part of the Georgia State resolution 381. Supporting people in need, Connecting people, resources, and ideas for Africa development

  • Promotion of a good relationship for mutual interest and strengthen mutually beneficial ties with nations of Africa and persons of African Descent in Georgia and USA
  • Leveraging the imbalances in Africa’s growing economy via African development, international partnerships, and direct foreign investment in Africa
  • Promotion of a good relationship with historically black colleges
  • Promotion of good relationship with Africa Consulate Generals in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Promotion of the education and enrichment of African business and professional leaders
  • Training of different professionals and other health care professionals; business leaders modern technology in diverse areas: Agriculture, health care, technology, and facilities in Africa Georgia, USA
  • Facilitation of capacity development to train and enrich African legislators and members of parliament about the policy making process in Africa and America
  • Facilitation of capacity development to train and enrich African skill discovery, development, and deployment as well as women empowerment and youth enrichment.

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