About the Visionary Founder

Dr. Queen Blessing is the visionary Founder of Blessings Of Africa Empowerment Foundation, Nigeria, Africa and Global Community Economic Enrichment for the Voiceless Africans, PIN, (Displaced by economic disadvantage), and Youths In Need (YIN) (At risk youths and children)

Dr Queen Blessing Itua is a renowned Nigerian-American leader and a recipient of the President Obama Lifetime award for Excellence in Service.  Dr Queen Blessing is a Professional who brings investors to Africa in fulfillment of her mandate for Africa: Development of the motherland. She wrote a book about the development of the motherland: “We Are the Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together.” It was just launched in March by the United Nations at the General Assembly, UN, New York.

Dr Queen Blessing visits Nigeria and other African Countries frequently with business delegates from China-Middle East-USA with the ultimate goal of bringing resources, funding, and business delegates to Africa for the development of the motherland. She has a network of investors with a combined financial strength in excess of $60B. The investment cuts across energy, housing, roads, airports/seaports, hospitality, etc. The investment cuts across energy, housing, roads, airports / seaports, hospitality etc.

Dr. Queen Blessing Itua

Dr. Queen Blessing Itua



Visits to Nigeria

On her recent visit to Nigeria, she visited the First Lady of Nigeria, Her Excellency, Mrs. Aisha Buhari with a Collective delegation at the Villa January 18, 2018

She also visited The Executive Governor of Edo State, His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki, on January 22, 2018 and many others. She granted NTA in Lagos a live interview where she talked about her selfless work of developing Nigeria.

GLAMTUSH Interview

“My Goal Is To Have Sustainable Development For Our Motherland”

– Queen Blessing Itua

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She is an advocate for African community development and a public health practitioner, specialist in preventive wellness – the key to green technology.

She founded the “Global Empowerment Movement” USA and the “Blessings of Africa” Nigeria, dedicated to bridging the gap, empowering the voiceless, and bringing developments to Mother Africa. These non-profit organizations have become a part of the Georgia State Senate Resolution 381 passed in 2017.

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NEPC Ambassador

Mr. Shegun Awolowo, DG,  Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) made Dr. Queen Blessing Itua NEPC Ambassador

Humanitarian Foundations

Through Global Empowerment Movement and Blessings of Africa Empowerment Foundation, Dr. Itua serves the underprivileged and she provides leadership to the women, youths, and families of Africa which is a necessity of today and also a must for successful implementation of green technology projects throughout the African continent.

She strongly believes that to truly fulfil the desire to eradicate poverty, abuse, subjugation, and human trafficking, there is need to economically empower the people of Africa. Present development effort matters too, so education of leaders, public, and private corporations is needed to effectively anchor the and spearhead the personal, professional, and communal development and empowerment projects.

Together, we can win the selfless effort of fighting against human trafficking, abuse, women subjugation, poor healthcare, and poverty as we make our world a better place for all.

Learn more about Dr. Queen Blessing Itua in this detailed interview by the Nations Nigeria

The Founder’s Mission for Africa

Dr. Queen Blessing’s Impoverished Background Drives Her Service Passion

Dr. Queen Blessing’s impoverished background growing up in Nigeria, Africa has given her insight and understanding of the struggles and dangers facing the underprivileged, impoverished, voiceless people in need. She is determined to continue to advocate for and be the voice of the weak and empower the voiceless women, mothers, girls, and youths around the world, who because of impoverishment, abuse, abandonment, and bereavement are vulnerable to deception, exploitation, and/or plagued by the crimes of abuse, human trafficking, and forced prostitution.

Her commitment to inspiring others to personal transformation necessary for reaching crowning potential ignited her passion to creating the “Unlocking the Blessing Code” series: Self and selfless empowerment.

Self-Economic Education (SEE) is a Mindset Makeover programs for everyone who desire Poverty, Abuse, and Human Trafficking prevention, reduction, intervention and eradication. The Self-Economic Education (SEE) is a personal life skill discovery and mentality maker empowerment that focuses on the individual empowerment. Every individual has the responsibility of self-rescue but needs skills to make integrity-based decisions. Self-development is followed by real support, including mentorship, talent incubator, and economic resources for the talent/skill development and deployment especially for the most vulnerable and underprivileged.

The Selfless empowerment is Be A Blessing” service mentality drive, motivating people to action: “Dignifying the Needy with Our Surplus.” Be A Blessing, Dignifying the Needy with Our Surplus initiatives encourages everyone to support the less privileged among us with our “extras and surplus supplies.” It does not take much to support the most vulnerable and together, we can channel our surpluses to eradicate poverty. All we need is the desire to support the most vulnerable ones among us with our surpluses (surplus time to enrich and impart knowledge and develop the talent of the needy, surplus resources/materials, etc. and love).

Dr. Queen Blessing has been a strong advocate for issues affecting African Immigrants in the state of Georgia. For years now, Dr. Queen Blessing has regularly coordinated Africans in the Diaspora: Our Voices Matter. Dr. Queen Blessing is the Executive Coordinator of the African Diaspora Day for “A Taste of Africa” at the Georgia State Capitol building co-hosted by Her Excellency, Senator Donzella James, to showcase the rich heritage and culture of the African diaspora. The aforementioned event provides a glimpse of Dr. Queen Blessing’s vision of Africa unity. We are Stronger Together!

Dr. Queen Blessing’s book: “We Are The Blessings of Africa, Reshaping Our Greatness Together”

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