Global Empowerment Movement to Premier Dr. Queen Blessing Itua’s EMPOWERED Film Presentation at the United Nations in March, 2019

Global Empowerment Movement to Premier Dr. Queen Blessing Itua’s EMPOWERED Film Presentation at the United Nations in March, 2019

The same excerpts were used for the production of her upcoming Nollywood (Nigeria, Africa) film called “Empowered.”

 The “Empowered’ film presentation has been accepted as part of the United Nations Committee on the Status of Women (CSW63) Forum – the largest annual gathering of women at the United Nations. The launch and screen of “Empowered” is set to take place at the Church Center for the United Nations, Eighth Floor on Friday March 15, 2019 at 6:00 pm

 The book and the movie produced by Dr. Queen Blessing are powerful tools for change, calling on the empowerment of women and youths as a critical first step to Human Trafficking and poverty eradication and the link to sustainable development.


Dr. Queen Blessing, a resident of the Atlanta metro area and recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Award from President Barack Obama is the Founder/Executive President of Global Empowerment Movement Corporation, USA (GEM USA) a non-profit organization through which she collaborate with the United Nations and other organizations in advocating for community development and women empowerment as the critical first step and the link to empowering not just the woman, but the family, the Community and thereby tackling the issues of Human Trafficking from the grassroot levels.

Dr. Queen Blessing is engaged in various community based nonprofit empowerment causes in Africa and United States of America.;

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Global Empowerment Movement (GEM) hosted the 57th Session of The Commission for Social Development Side Event


Activating and Strengthening Women Empowerment through Economic and Social Inclusion: Empowerment as a Link to Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development – CSocD57 Side Event

As reported by the United Nations

The aim of the side event is to highlight how Women and Youth inclusiveness, Economic and Equality Empowerment are the keys to Eradicate Poverty, Curb Human Trafficking, and Achieve Sustainable Development Goals.
The side event discussion will address the following critical areas: Economic empowerment of the marginalized poor people, challenges to social inclusion, the effect of women and youth economic empowerment, and gender inequality on poverty in Africa. Poverty is the common root of Africa human trafficking, abuse of women, victimization of the vulnerable and the marginalized people in need. In addition, the side event will explore ways we can strengthen empowerment through economic, education, political, fiscal, social inclusion, social protection policies because strengthening women and youth economic empowerment to be agents of change is the prerequisite for poverty eradication and the achievement of all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Global Empowerment Movement to Premier Dr. Queen Blessing Itua’s EMPOWERED Film Presentation at the United Nations in March, 2019

UN sets to premiere Nigerian movie ‘Empowered’ by Queen Blessing

UN sets to premiere Nigerian movie ‘Empowered’ by Queen Blessing


Global Empowerment Movement to Premier Dr. Queen Blessing Itua’s EMPOWERED Film Presentation at the United Nations in March, 2019

Dr. Queen Blessing Itua speaks at the United Nations HQ in New York

March 11, 2018

Three Nigerian women will spotlight themes such as human trafficking, suicide bombing, and sexism and sexual harassment at the United Nations, showing the strength of women as agents of change in African societies often dominated by men.

“Unity in Diversity: An Evening of Art and Hope with Nigerian Women” will feature excerpts from Ms. Itua’s book “We Are the Blessings of Africa,” as well as monologues from Ifeoma Fafunwa’s HEAR WORD! and Nadine Ibrahim’s films “Tolu” and “Through Her Eyes.”

The event is organized by UN Women, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Nigerian Mission to the UN, with other partners.

“Africa is a diverse continent, rich with different countries and different cultures and natural resources. Africa has the talent – men and women,” said Ms. Itua. Men and women alike, she said, must understand that  women can be powerful agents of development.

“If women understand that they have a critical role to play, they do not see themselves as just wives or women at home, they also raise up into mental engagement with the men, Ms. Itua said, “and hopefully strategize about developing our Mother Land.”

Born in Nigeria and living in the United States, Ms. Itua said she wants to create awareness and give voice to women who do not have a platform to speak out about social ills, particularly rural women.

Her latest film, Mrs. Adams, – which will premiere during the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) next week – follows human trafficking routes in Nigeria and Europe. It is meant to be a statement not just about brutalization of women and sexual violence, but also highlight the economic reasons that people choose to migrate in the first place. It also hopes to raise awareness  about the exploitative work practices, forced labour and smuggling that are rife in human trafficking.

The issue is personal, Ms. Itua said. She hails from Edo state, which recently inaugurated a migration resource centre, and which has been cast in the spotlight after reports of Nigerians from that area being sold in modern slave markets in Libya.

“As an African woman, I believe that my goal is to work with other women in creating awareness. Together we are stronger. Working together to be stronger to change the narrative coming out of Africa,” Ms. Itua said.

She will be joined on Sunday by 24-year-old Nadine Ibrahim, whose film Through Her Eyes follows the internal struggle of a 12-year-old female suicide bomber in northern Nigeria.

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